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ointment was said in certain books to be useful ; in his experience it

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lowish specks which consist either of necrotic foci in which giant cells

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Data and Measurements of the Hearts of the Soldiers Examined.

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ing, of liquid injections, or purely chemical intra-uter-

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This treatment I continued every day until I could walk, which

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the toxicologist and pathologist. The discover)- of

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essential to our welfare and happiness. They are calculated to afford

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pointed out that the loss of the Achilles jerk often precedes abolition

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•6155 Fothergill, J. M. Practitioner's handbook of treatment.

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ence of a streptococcus and Micrococcus pyogenes aureus. In a

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excessive use of alcohol, known as chronic alcoholism, for

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Gibson, in a series of experiments carried out in the Plague

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sound takes place down the septum, almost uncomplicated by the

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shown by the experience of Dr. Grossich. By his method of

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unconsciously has uttered what I conceive to be the true rear


" That the only courses of lectures recognized are those of regu-

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so black and prominent. This ugly stain upon the teeth is made still more

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of pure serum, were odorless, and alkaline in reaction,

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Pycemia, occurs in a few, and is sometimes accompanied by acute

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discussion of the subject of which it treats, and theo-

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"Dr. Byerly, of Cheshire, Eng., attributes powerful diuretic properties

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I'esprit de tutie et le cansi ; on le fait aussi avec

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excellent results. The writer has thus successfully

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to remove as soon as practicable any abnormal condi-

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oils ; and I feel certain that if natural lubricating

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I lapse. Two circumstances are especially prominent : the sev-

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and link us in loving brotherhood with these sapient pretenders '? The

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89. High-class Stable (Musgrave) . . . To face. 286

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it also extends round the inner canthus, coming to the lower

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views of Jiirgensen as to the unity of pneumonia, and ascribed

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Expectorants increase the secretion from the air tubes

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(2) Case for Diagnosis. ? Hydroa Gestationis ... ... ... 162