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inated in rats and is presumed to have been conveyed to man
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column are urged from it and fresh fluids drawn in — that
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ticularly at a late period — an explanation quite con-
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by a consideration of their constitution and their relations with the liquor
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half of fiuid were taken away. The case at length did well.
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Because of a recent loss of strength, she believed that
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The task of reviewing a manual of this kind is an easy one. The author
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Syphilis is not confined to bachelorhood. Cases will
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cardium, " and that which is reflected over the heart, were
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very much ; that is, the evil of having runners out. I have had this
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ments of national health insurance and a national health service is a policy that would help solve
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Ontario. A medical expert so appointed by the court could after-
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thoroughly riddled with the geims. In support of this
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retraction of the head is almost alwaj^s present, and this may be the only
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in the antipneumococcic index in normal individuals; but dead avirulent
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for a prolonged period of time Use caution in adminis-
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lodies were accidentally performed under his window on a hand-
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period of incubation from the moment of entrance of the parasites
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In addition to the medical and scieniific department,
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three years. The scholarship of teachers varies, ranging
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from the expressions of sincere pleasure, and of agreeable disappointment, too,
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The physical examination for movable kidney shotdd be made
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tation of fat or is secondary to the original carbohydrate decomposi-
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suppuration and pain whenever strong traction was made. After six
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however, that some of his remarks may be taken with great direct-
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he could not bear the slightest touch, but now he was much less sensitive. The
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of susceptible persons. A point of some interest is the similarity of the
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zione motrice del trigemino e del plesso cervico-brachiale
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have suffered from exhaustive diseases, accompanied by great
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scure, but be leaned to a fibroid deireneration of the right ovary.
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annual meeting in Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday, De-
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take the name of his foster-father, and, most important,
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(7) The deformities now recorded show far greater sym-
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back ; no pain in back ; repeated examinations of sensibility show
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MOKELL Mackenzie, M.D. ; Physician to the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat,
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principles, precisely as human beings are treated by the physician
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In one case in private practice the patient, who was