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region, but it was contracted or unchanged in the lumbar

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outer side flat upon the bed, the thigh flexed to its extreme

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umn opposite the different tests. Spaces for marking

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vere types of the disease. A number of the patients

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in doing a resection of the knee-joint in a child six years old. The

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was the arch dilated and atheromatous condition very marked.

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feature of the Dejerine syndrome. We have seen that the lesion

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tually lower and lower; and if turned forward to the same extent, the same

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(72) Moerman, Bull. Assoc. Beige Chim., 16, 147-151.

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I observed another curious fact in this lad/s case. Since the attack

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ill markets, and if you will consult with Momus, ill neighbours. I shall

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eruption, and frequently attended with inflammation of

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examine our Summary for the last year, will find the therapeutic ex-

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ulcer, for in chronic ulcer 50 per cent, were normally

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species of the mosquito, the culex pencillaris and the

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1st. A rise in the thermometer above 99° F., is an

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Dr. Juhel-Renoy is a strong advocate of bathing, refrigeration, and alco-

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interesting case where, without warning, he was forced to

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a large zooglea mass of bacilli. There are few bloodvessels present in

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The effects of the deceased, other than jewels, trinkets, keep-

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writers describe all tlie forms and varieties of the disease

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is removed and the ulcer protected by a piece of oiled

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met with between the ages of thirty and forty. The disease ctmimeiicea

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Anatomic patholugique — M. Vulpian, Mardi, Jeudi, Samedi,

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a so-called worm-abscess, with the theory that the worm had

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blood to drain away from them. Belladonna, or Atropine, is

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April and May the conditions were changed ; the temperature became milder

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hesions. It may follow diphtheria, enteric fever, variola, scarlet fever,

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than a passing notice. The author exhibits great industrial power,

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uating each year men better prepared for their chosen pro-

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Exeter, by Dr. Hoyt, of Grafton. A paper was also read by Dr. Hill, of