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ing off ground good food bitters and iron. Isolation unless
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for missionary work to convince the profession that the
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laughter by the contrast between it and the upper part of
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funnel copper sheath with glass inside tlie water between the
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might cause intense prostration coma and an early fatal termi
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asked for an extension of time for changing that constitution
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completely without the formation of the pyrogeneous products above
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These facts are totally inconsistent with the opinion that sanitation
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to the contagion of small pox nor even inoculation produced any effect I
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Labor will effectually try any of our as best they may.
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it appears that the blood of an animal affected with the plague
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About fourteen years ago I had the privilege of studying under
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both lungs kidneys in the spleen in the cerebrum and cere
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specimens from a case which recently came under his observation. In the
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vals. More frequently and when the condition has become chronic the
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for nearly twenty years I have found a generally efficient
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poorly fed thin horses affected. Occasionally azoturia may
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a skilled workman by this process could apply a uniform coating so
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fracture of the ninth dorsal vertebra with total para
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his head from the pillow this may be sufficiently accounted for by the
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cast any light upon the therapeutics of these rare maladies and
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death and it appeared that such a severe poison could never
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edges of the wound to the tumor the operation could proba
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Dr. Griggs clinic at Children s Hospital. We hardly think that
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the same hospital. Many suggestions have been offered to explain its
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the edge of the incision the adhesion being subsequently
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during the year and there were births in the Hospital. Of
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ating on patients with an existing lung lesion however
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ducive to the development of rheumatic affections which
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von Picquet are daily increasing. With most of them the prin
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urethra and bladder and retained for a few days. The
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tion. Clinical Lectures will be delivered twice a week by the Professors of
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culture. One died in thirteen days with symptoms of pneu
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tients who have taken it continuously for as long a per
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the repeated dose of salts or calomel which does more than
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