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the vast majority of all cases of phthisis, well-defined tuberculous granulations

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tisBQCy oaised bj rupture of some of its laige vessels, and causing de-

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All familiar with the social habits of the ; of the weather was supposed to have been

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lyn, Cincinnati, .Milwaukee, N.tshvillc, Fall Kiver, Siiringfield,

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by the lungs must have been caused by struggling. I ' (continued the witness)

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several observers. Rosin, Rosenbach, and others insist upon

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he merely formed the two alse, with the intention of providing the septum from

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thalmia, and a small pustule upon the cornea of the left eye ;

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could quickly seal off portions of the ship in event of a hole

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between the choroid and sclerotic had caused the expul-

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of these forms have the same afreeable results followed so frequently as when

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conditions are probably congenital. In answer to Dr. Syme, I think there is

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by the able minds of J. N. Mackenzie, Hack, of Freiburg,

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the left side, the patient could only lie on the right, and complained

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acidity, 60). Suddenly, as a result of emotional dis-

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2(1. To eonlrtulion of niuseular lil>er in the round ii;.'ainenlH.

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Just so, in the assault of a city ; many must perish and fall in the ditch,

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r. infantilis. This rash seems generally to be preceded for a day or two

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does actually possess the property of shielding the constitution from an

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vulsions, and even at times ending in death. This vague description

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length casting off deep scabs, an ulcer is formed which

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dence was striking, and special attention was at once given to the

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When it is decided to induce in a certain week, it is next necessary to

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w^orked out a developmental cycle for the organism, placing it in the

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fraying the expenses incidental to specific investigation.

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ral tonic influence on the organs of the body, and especially upon the uterus.

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injustice to some who preceded him, or to others who were his co-

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minute, small and sharp; bowels constipated; urine scanty. For

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Ijet us then acknowledge that the only sure means of

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At the time she presented herself she was in a somewhat

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five days of the ordinary term of gestation, fell while running, so that her ab-

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leisure and luxury existed for so many generations. On the

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question can be explained on the supposition here suggested —

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Dr. Simon Flexner. The brief historic notes appended to the

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all the circumstances and phenomena of the disease convince me that

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need not, therefore, be worn during these demonstrations,

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reports the results of over fifty cases of mosquito inocu-

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Office, is considered open to objection, inasmuch as

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only from the medical standpoint awakens the feeling that he

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and during the first nights following her entrance was very

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homoeopath of excellent repatatioo, nse? the following: Snlphnr 2 grains. Extract of

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a cleft in the soft palate should be closed about the sixth month, and in the

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Place for Vestibular Function Tests, DavidS. Zee (Jan) 81

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fact that the operation has fallen into disuse. —

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been treated by the method just described, "although