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carbon and hydrogen from the whole weight of the organic body.

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aged sixteen years. Admitted to the hospital with pneumonia of severe

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by attention to which in coming centuries we may hope to greatly lessen

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mort dans la eavitS uterine depuis 3 uiois; luovocation du

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out signs, and as entirely by means of speech as their

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claim upon his membership and a certain moral right to his

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cytologic diagnosis. However, partial assessment is bet-

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charge of the service at Key West, Fla., relieving Assistant Sur-

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studies, knowledge of which is essential to the proper train-

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death-rate is a matter to arrest attention and to demand

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ping” injuries, are all prone to knee dislocation.

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tions one would imagine it was always necessary. We notice

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get them in no other way, and who are therefore the last persons who

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hospital quite cured of her hernia. She was, however, advised to wear a

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tion, Mr. Clarke detected, in the posterior grey substance of the

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each pleura contained some fluid. He was deeply jaundiced.

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my charge was that of a girl about i8, whose left leg

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giously from bathing as they do from eating fow], because their ancestors were

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After a severe attack there may be swelling of the legs when the patient

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congestion and oedema of the mucous membrane. Mercurials are not

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vidual cases, the study of the endocrines offers at once the valuable,

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jaundice have been present) grave nervous and cerebral symptoms present them-

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benzine intoxication, as scarcely anything will be absorbed by a

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Neurologists are generally agi-eed upon the superiority of the galvanic cur-

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for by the length of the voyage, the liquors of the

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Prag. med. Wchnschr., 1890, S. 328. 18. Preund.— Z^sc/ir. /'. Geburtsh.

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Albutt and Playfair's " Gynaecology " ; Pozzi's " Gynajcology " ;

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cancer has not, so far as he knew, been observed. Benign epithelial

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breakfast, sewage for dinner, and drain for supper all

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kept in the loco-free pasture. When it was sent away for the winter

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hitherto known respecting it, occurring in our own times.

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rather benign, aortic valve prolapse may not be; the aortic

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year to the study of the methods employed in general in-

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As I see my patients in surgery with our team of docs

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