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medicine to the aborigines of S. America, before the discovery of the

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pure, it is an excellent preparation, and may be employed, in all rnniHra

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when stronprly under the influence of the poison, resists its intluence, as

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III. — To protect and improve the health of communities.

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Black-oak Bark is said to differ from the other varieties in having

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have been reduced. The stimulating, tonic, or soothing ef-

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tribute to his father in his well-known poem, Rugby

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tissue might be resorted to as an avenue for the introduction of medicines

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our own muscles, and such as are made by another body carry-

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tion in any degree approaching to that really experienced. Besides.

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aome of the berries being almost black, others much lfghter*coloared

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In one of these experiments, presented in Figure 11, the hypother-

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and body under an amount of exertion, to which they would be wholljr'

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20. Marcus, S,, F, Miya, L, J. Phelps, and L, W, Spencer. 1961b.

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that when the body is exposed for some time to an artificial

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warm folded towel against the fundament, until the first irritant effect

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of the patient, a climate equal in temperature to that which

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As hitherto stated in most books, the dose is too small for effect, unless

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febrile heat and irritation. After the subsidence of its full direct effects,

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country. So decided is the change in this respect that, in the present

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from sedative poisons, such as tobacco^ digitalis, and hydrocyanic acid,

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fatal fault of diffuseness, in which even genius is

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no remedj Is perbaps equal to na alum wasb;" nnd Dr. F. J. Faire, editor of Ihe

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the tenesmus of ascarides and dysentery, and into the urethra for the re-

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in the summer of 187 1, as a senior student, I first

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the skin should be kept perfectly dry. Sometimes fustigation may be

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tinct, and the taste strongly bitter and peculiar. It yields its sensiblt