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generally gives relief. Before rising the patient should

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Four months from the time of operation the patient was seen again.

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half protected from fire, as the hospital is now only half pro-

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declare the advent of revolutions, the state of markets, or the

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nitroprusside ; shake ; add 1 or 2 c.c. of the sodium hydroxide solu-

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having mothers born in Ireland," for the age-period 30 to 35 years,

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being preferable, as puncture may be followed by hemorrhage or persistent

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of them, however, on the anterior and outer parts of the thigh and in the sciatic

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From such a mountain of observation he looked forward

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Dr. Marx did not believe that mortality statistics,

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wrong end. I think the City, County and General Government

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passage of a tube meets with an obstruction near the cardiac orifice.

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ity of the limb is undisturbed or may even be a little exaggerated, the head of

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wood for their help and friendly cooperation in obtain-

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eighths-inch hole; through this put a one-fourth-inch soft rope,

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brought away more ; the child has also taken turpentine. A year and a half ago

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tion of urea ; chronic atony ; glycosuria ; well-marked degeneration of the

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Schinken, Stuck Pbkelfleisch und dergleichen) 0,50 "

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before July 1st, and will be in charge of one or more members

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neither blistering nor internal medication had afforded

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several inches. We pjjree<l that our first object

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