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the commencement of treatment. The other two are showing

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the trapezius. If the irritation spread to the facial, the face twitches

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vexity of the hemispheres we also find bloody masses, which may be

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during the cerebral disturbance, the joints are again attacked with

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was affected, and there was cystitis (B. coli). Cough was

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ever, will not recover even with the most careful medical

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IV. Neuralgia of the Trigeminus Prosopalgia Tic Douloureux Foth-

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Against the view that cholera was spread by the evacuations of

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Lymph. — The conditions, which we have here to consider, may

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ings, surrounded by a dark-red and infiltrated areola, which either do

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nection with rather small " fibrous " prostates. The base of

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body, an increase of the bodily temperature to a height incompatible

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conclusion. He finds that bismuth, taken either before or with a test-meal,

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zinci oxid. 3 ss), or else a pledget of charpie, smeared with zinc oint-

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even at an acute angle. The os uteri is almost always moderately