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perineal propiJsion is a sign which often deceives. M. Blot

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That it is of spinal origin was long ago proved by Magen

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brane and in the cranial bones. These channels convey away the cerebro

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Virginia and Kentucky but three of eight sent delegates and they numbered

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hernia an operation may be necessary in order to relieve the

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to a considerable extent upon the fact that those who suffered a mild

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wall should be cemented smooth. The foundations must

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the charge of the sisters. But they have met with an

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sider the occurrence of disease in the Thirty Years

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rate used by the Surgeon General s Office neither is there any

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Xo part of a person s life ever becomes strictly speaking dead

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themselves. It is to be noted that the pelvic subperitoneal

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by the clinical course of the disease the invasion of the tissue

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that the gravid uterus did not sink down during the

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being reported as having been dropped for the non payment of dues.

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the use of the blue pill aided by injections in maintaining a soluble

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the on line real time system inevitably renders the system inoperable for

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lower but also for the upper tones. This latter condition was still

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methods must be employed with great discretion washing warm baths

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Embolism producing Gangrene. Dr. JULIUS PoLLOCK showed a

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of the race you shall not marry because you are not ro

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schrift January has used cumarin in thirty cases and has come to

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a valuable antidote but the natives have little faith in the practice of

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with oz. of port wine. The favourable condition of patient

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boring tumor or of the gravid displaced uterus is also to

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internal broader below than above is called the deltoid liga

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animal heat and energy also to form fats and possibly to

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area the first is very feeble and the second stronger. In the

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by spending his time in a laboratory undertaking what

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Turgeon Judith L. BA Washburn University PhD University of Kansas .