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various harmless rashes of an erythematous or urticarial type which
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study them. The volume is essentially a practical one that
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are inclined to attribute this to the fact that proteotoxin is much
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inferences can be secured from attention to this detail.
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cases the patients often suffer horribly day and night.
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first improvement is followed by a recrudescence in such cases a second
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The book is divided into two parts. Part I. has chap
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the kidney and by permitting it to assume a more nearly normal
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the fenestra ovalis and cuts away the posterior portion of the
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would be remarkable that they have not once been found
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be regulated in its repetition by waiting for the result.
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the stomach which proved fatal in the course of two days. Such cases
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would thereafter be kept contented with his life work and
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in character. At first only single lobules are involved but after a time
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other arterial irregularities present in this subject two may l e
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cases it is contracted only after prolonged exposure. Susceptibility to this
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has enjoyed a reputation second to none in France and
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dehyd per cubic centimeter and seven hours of exposure aie
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