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mouth as sores are especially liable to develop. Treat pain in

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that artificial methods of dressing, and more especially the abuse

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profession. We will lay aside our differences, prejudices, jealousies,

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cause pain by reflex stimulation in the central nervous system

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septic peritonitis. The author says that this case belongs to the

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important question to be consiaered was how these infections

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sity of California, San Francisco (UCSF), with its first bone

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Bartholomew's Hospital museum, which was described in

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M. R. C. S. Eng., Anatomy ; J. Algernon Temple, M. D.,

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chiropractors to report that they would return to the same

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small groups of cases picked out of periodicals. Now, in matters thera-

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and spindle-shaped cells. The wall of the sigmoid flexure is unchanged, but the entire

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I may add here, parenthetically, that in all my cases of

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Altes und Neues liber die Behandluug der Epilepsie;

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sorbed. The aetiology of this complication is obscure, as it ap-

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