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gall-stones, we must limit ourselves to the treatment of symptoms, as

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grows, become an aneurisma spuria ; and, indeed, in the same tumor,

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TuKAXiaorr. — The question of treatment can only arise in the

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mouth; here they are usually superficial, and it looks as if the com-

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are always obscure at first; later they are usually quite distinctive,

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guarded that the morbidity rate for the Islands is slightly less than

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rapid disappearance, without leaving any traces, we may believe that

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first the follicles are greatly swollen, surrounded by a dark-red vascu-

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tubercle of the larynx unless we are able to show that the lungs, too,

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Etiology. — The nutritive and functional disorders characteristic

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In speaking of the operations upon haemorrhoids, we are

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subjective symptoms, the change for the better is only to be recognized

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growth, then, takes place at the expense of the substance of the heart,

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The size of aortic aneurism varies. Within the pericardium they

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derive their lymph from the intestinal mucous membrane usually par*

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denly endangered by haemorrhage from the walls of the caverns, or by

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it must be difficult to decide that this has occurred.

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ticular cause excite the action of the heart, symptoms of active hyper-

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of equal education, habits, aims, and interests. And such is

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If the disease develops from a typhlitis, after the superficial tumor

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* Dor, L. Procdde* simple pour rechercher lea grains jaunes de 1' actinomycose.

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glands) ; thick yellow mucus coven the gums, especially about the

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be understood as advocating stimulus, except during the stage

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attributed to the amount of alkaline carbonates contained in these

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absorbed rather than to break down and to be eliminated.

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mouth. From the decomposition of the accumulated epithelium and

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band opposite the malleoli had better be folded upon itself

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up to the head of a pin, and situated under the capsule. On excising and crushing

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(20) Uhlenhuth, Deutsche med. Wchnsch. (1900), 32, 1244.

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chloroform, or a mixture of ether and chloroform, meet our

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corpuscle extract does not deflect in a dose of 0.5 cubic centimeter; old extracts

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give notice of its approach, a moderate dose of carbonate of soda or of

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The repeated application of a sponge dipped in hot water to the throat,

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serving patients, whose dyspnoea decreases when they lie upon their

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has received during life, as is the practice in many other countries.

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the formation of sugar in the liver, or on the arrest of some other un-

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of the dog and fox; T. unginculatus of the rabbit; T. crenatus of the pig. These

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previously with 0.0015 of hemolytic serum, which is just twice the lytic dose.

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has been made of them nor has the species in these cases been determined.