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But for this and other additional topics that might be sug-

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The Clinical Lectures and Reports by the Medical and Sur-

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from the blood," of so low a vitality that it is incapable of becoming organized,

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By the 11 of the first grade, 7 males, 8 females, total 15

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Case III. — S. N. H., fetat. 30, about a week after returning from a jour-

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sulphur when employed alone would ensure these results, yet certain

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She had before this made no secret of having arsenic in her possession.

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use 0? intoxicatinpr drinks in various degrees, as well short of actual inebriation

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total daily amount of water in the food to a minimum

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which it places to the transmission of the impulse of the heart, in all its force,

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tion of one or both pupils^ squints^ ataxy of the ocular muscles^

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commend this to the consideration not only of the surgeon, but most earnestly also

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slender canula is provided of about 13 or 14 inches in length, and bent regularly

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in a basin of very hot water containing a tablespoonfid

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seven other cases in the same barracks, in the course of that day.

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increase in size; at two years of age it was punctured by an empiric, and a

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of the nerve-paths in the spinal cord, caused in the great

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artery above the ring. From these data M. Monod diagnosticated a diffuse

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one to two grains may produce death. On the contrary, here are two cases of

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rating them; nevertheless, there are fewer plants in bloom

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use of the milk of an icifected animal, though it will be as readily produced

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ingly. From 65° to 68° F. should be the ideal school-room

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nine" calendar months and 27 days, or 301 days. From the 19th of September

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natural; next the breathing became slower, the contractions of the heart feeble,

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Paris, 1831 , the following mal-conformation of the prepuce. " The child,

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loudly ; if the movements ceased at all she would often scream.

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Our bodies do not get enough direct sunlight; we should

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generally made as to the protracted period required for cure

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compound is insoluble in boiling distilled water. The value of the pro-

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of insanity in children ; where the mind is not developed, varied

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rations. Of the milk of an infected cow, or the butter or cheese made of

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them, are all subjects which are tolerably familiar to us ; but

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make a snbcoxgunctival linear wound, parallel with the corneal margin, and of

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deep red colour so often observed in the pyramids when the