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on the respiration of the cold blooded and hybernating animals.

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remnants of decidua and chorion which he regarded as often productive

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Reprinted from The Connecticut State Medical Journal.

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eases in the New Y ork Post gradnate Medical School and in

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more often the skeptic the cynic the one whose faith in

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is the most common mode of contagion persons who attend to the

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thin bridge of plantar skin. The patient being seen three hours

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tissue about the cornea and into the cornea to the circular

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rose reported progress and asked leave to sit again.

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an absolute diminution in the amount of blood. Still the turgescence

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the anterior capsule of the lens blur the dim erect image when

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of the soil from having had any role in the spread of this

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In all probability nine tenths of these falls would have

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physicians are not aware of the need to screen for B p

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deeper tissues accounts for the growth of the grafts more deeply

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the consciousness of the individual without the action of any external

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processes the diseased muscle fibers must be relieved from work as much

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Uterine hemorrhage may arise from vailoas causes separation of the placenta

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do not usually sufl er very much from headache and rarely have convulsions

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medical secretarial work for Dr. Maloney. Truly Active

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pired. The other six patients are alive and well from

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Mr. Kinch joined the cow testing association. The cost of obtaining

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improved chemical methods and it appears that his results

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tories and presenting the alcoholic type of the disease it would

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In the examination at La Pitie we found that the knee

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the distinct diminution of sugar produced by this drug given in a

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tality in practically all weakened individuals which has

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