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at the bottom of the abscess. In two of the cases recovery took place in


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in tlie tents w^ere treated without alcoholic stimulants, and mostly with

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This neuralgic affection is curable in the majority of cases. Exception-

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accompanied by exquisite tenderness to the touch, and perhaps

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Notwithstanding a strict internal and external antiphlogis-

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malaise. Although not very definite, they sometimes suffice to lead pa-

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la cavidad del cerebro, se xme con fibrfllas semejantes procedentes

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followed by soothing, emollient applications over the affected muscles,

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intercourse for a certain time, in order to prevent tentative efforts which,

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tive as a diuretic remed}-. If the state of the stomach and bowels pre-

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"which the attected nerves are distributed may not be notably disturbed.

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between control and test rats, is well brought out by a graphic

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canal, the absence of valves in these veins, and their relation to the venae

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forceps. The edges are then to be separated from their con-

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pencil of the line of Purkinje cells to be coimted. The length

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ell's observations, however, show clearly that the amount of

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of the practitioner. Cases in which ailments are exaggerated or simu-

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the chill. I have met with a single exami)lc of distinct rigor without a

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preparations. It is obvious that these granules correspond to

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stages, the division being based on the occurrence of the products of inflam-

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obliquely into the apical lip. The other bimdle of fibrils, run-

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Account of a remarkable Displacement of the Stomach . . ib.

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In both cases there has been a progressive increase in the niunber

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These data were estimated from curves similar to, but larger than curves (1).

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the mucous membrane of the cheek opposite the folliate papil-

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no slight degree of experience is required to form a proper es-

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typhoid fever, with this important difi"erence, viz., the abdominal symp-

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the lapse of a few hours ; or the state may continue for days and then pass

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In a case of great severity which I saw with my colleague, the late Prof.

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by Sir Astley Cooper ; and that the normal infant, instead of

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tems. II. Uber ein Sulfatid aus nerven Substance. Z. Physiol.

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of its old time popularity. The mechanical execution

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attacked with uraemia, there having been no manifestations of any affec-

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more rational than the supposition that the special cause is generated de

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vaporized mercury is most apt to give rise to it, but it has been produced

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the phosphatic constituents of the urine is distinctiA'e of this affection, as

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when there is na incapacity for sexual intercourse. Exclusive of malfor-