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the thumb or a fine cord drawn tight around the neck.
when the lethal result is due to ether." How it comes to pass that
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plainly disarranged. The shock improved a little but the pulse re-
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found in the great principle of rest, as carried out both in medicine and by an
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Despite the aforementioned advantages, the regular use
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become plans, and plans have eventuated to realities.
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be misled. If they had thought that sanatoria alone were
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The prognosis in exophthalmic goitre is much better than
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operation confining the patient in bed six weeks, it were possible to do
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favorable example, within his experience, of the activity of a Homcepathic
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is intense, the gentlest contact of a silver spatula causing extreme
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Termination is almost always fatal, either by an Attack of Suffocation, or
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of their extremities with corresponding synovial membranes, could not be at-
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Chalk, PRECiriTAXEn. Carbonate of soda, 11 lb, water by
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the disinfectant penetrating, so that in the case of an
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a well-marked fistula discharging the contents of the caecum. After
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ways associated with round elastic synovial swellings on
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Then under Napoleon the tide of invasion swept the other way.
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patient to take eight grammes of the yellow bark, or one gramme of
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but very rarely, there are well-marked symptoms of peripheral neuritis —
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and the diagnostic value of jjain as a symptom, will,
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mends its use to keep the system free from clinkers. He says, ''that
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sometimes happens after the exciting cause has been removed, we w411 occa-
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recommendations of the English Local Government Board require
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In BREECH PRESENTATIONS, again, the positions are taken from
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In closing, let me pass on to you a lesson I learned a short time
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from every act or observation that may cause disgust, such as spit-
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aged 33, and of robust constitution, was admitted to Stan-
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disease having begun after exposure about two months be-
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pains in the renal regions so frequently felt at the menstrual periods,
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neither muscular nor innervational. There is in such cases a