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year are cured, thirty per cent are benefited and only
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then also do routine culture and sensitivity testing. If there is
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upon those cases in which no parasites were observed in
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nation, " — was, for instance, every thoroughly educated physi-
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find relief by alternate basting and sewing each for
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onward there was complete suppression of urine. Toward
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and a well-known figure at all medical gatherings in the
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C. P. Morphine Hydrobromide - - - - gr. 1-4 ^ Per 100, 4 tubes ------ 1.55
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that abscess in the right cerebellar hemisphere is twice as frequent as is
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me to try any remedy that gave promise of efficiency combined
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of the disorder, one active, the other passive; the active consists in
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progressively chronic and is incompatible with good
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affections were developed in the course of rheumatism. The whiskey and
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the canal on the one hand, and the anterior and inferior
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excitement, light diet, with a light cerate dressing to the wound, were en-
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used freely as often as once in three weeks. Of other caustic
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given with a brevity and distinctness which is unmistak-
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attempts have been made to treat patients in the same
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quarters of an inch long and one-half as large in its transverse dimensions.
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etiology and treatment. Prophylaxis is of the first impor-
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The local treatment must be chosen in accordance with the severity of
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medication are common. The simplest conception of the complaint is, that
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tice, as well as foundation in analogy — with tetanus,
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success. Eesolution and disappearance of the condition has been recorded
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be advisable. Too much care cannot be taken during the puerperium.
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CO _l < (75 H < < < < CO * _l $ CD CO -> CD I- Z LL. CO CD O $ $ -3 > > CO
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Eead— CORBETT.— On June 8, at Christ Church, EaUng, Reginald Bead,
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weight ofthe parts above the weakness increases the de-
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view no longer prevails. In case of constipation gentle purgation, ex
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Berlin to visit Stromeyer. is very useful for antiseptic dressings,.^ and-
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sum splint over retention strips of adhesive plaster and
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hausted by physical or mental labor, and that it not only
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to show that the great difference in this respect, as shown
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1. They were thought to have no regular or determinate
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Stations and Duties of Medical Officers of the United States
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that it is so, and that this fact has long been known empiri-
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