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tion of the American cases would have failed, under such a relatively

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fio if it cannot be called typhoid fever, and typhoid fever is frequent-

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loss of appetite, an abstention from chewing the cud,

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flammation of the testicle, and finally chronic hepatitis with enlarge-

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ing out serum and a greater or less quantity of blood. It is to the

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the same time with a headache, he had another convulsion, in whichi the

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most valuable advice and assistance from Prof. Simpson, he opened

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T. pallidum (Schaudinn, 1905) = Spirochceta pallida Schau-

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The patient could neither eat nor sleep. Vomiting was frequent.

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feasible, or the patient could be kept in bed at home.

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and submitted to the Foreign Trade Department of the Foreign

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fauces. Its extent and intensity are to be ascertained by inspection of the

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distinction is an important one. Because a determination

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$200, advance; $225, on-site, $35, residents and interns;

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hence more than ordinary care is required in guarding the perine-

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regions: The affected hairs present nodular formations,

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Morgan's efforts to discover a specific organism in cases of epi-

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tion, depends upon two others: first, how large a quau-

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Case I. — Large abscess of the lower lobe of the right lung. Incision in the mammary

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mend this method of assisting the orphan sons of our less

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delusive diagnosis of botulism ; in April there were alarums and

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hernia seldom gives any trouble, as when its sac has

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absence is granted from June ist, to include October 10,

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in the long run chronic appendicitis varied from the

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which is claimed for it, appears to most unprejudiced

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ance) ; clear but shallow toned ; dull but full toned ;

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gallon of bruised wheat, keep them in a warm place for 24

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while anti-toxine it seems will antidote the toxemia".

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to be an object — a subject of what I may call the-

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combat and to guard the organism against these inroads may be men-

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have seen great benefit long before any account of this plan of treatment,

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In the beginning of this madness — for it was really a slaughter-

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and pertinently asks if we may not attribute the increase of kid-

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physique, character, and occupation of the patient. In many, the

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for a few weeks, when in a measure she gained her lost strength.

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not b2 used, to frictions with a soap containing pum-

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there is general cystitis. The order of the develop-

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ten minutes.^ In this work six additional experimental cases were