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for his carofuluoss, fuhiess ami miimtonoss in furnishing me vvitli the

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greatly relieved — delirium lessened, after which I prescribed whiskey,

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nalty ' fund. For instance, if live passengers were killed and others

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Chicago for their kindness and hospitality shown to the members of the Associa-

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tions (if the Rerous membranes situated near the periphery of the boily,

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Deitrs l\- Boston for the week endinp; Saturday nnon, Decembpr 13th, 80. Males, 47— Females, S3.

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placed dependent, he might possibly have recovered ?

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Naphthalin.— H., dr. 2-4 (gm. 8.-15.). D., gr. 1-20 (gm. .06-1.3).

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( 3 ii.-iv.), or a drachm of cracked ice with a few drops of

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Sir Charles Lyell on the Antiquity of Man. The conservatives in

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insoluble, save in the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice,

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ments <i( hunian life, is imperfect. It cannot cure all. But it has re-

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Death of Dr. Robert Wark. — No sadder intelb'g-oncc has come to

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1802, there were under treatment .000 f)atient8. Discharged restored,

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yellow fever on this Island, and as no alarm whatever in relation to

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fell into a quiet sleep, from which she awoke refreshed and cheerful.

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6th. — Pulse 120, feeble; other symptoms unchanged. Gave half

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(glucose); 3, a volatile oil ; 4, wax ; 5, formic acid, a trace.

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with a solution of the persulphate of iron. After repeating the

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and the frankincense of good fellowship, from the direction of the ris-

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glaodular cells are both stimulated. The secretion of tears,

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boiled 100 to 150 grains of starch in an ounce of glycerine, and ob-

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Dr. Mansfield considered it as contagious as typhoid fever. Dr. Jor-

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upon the heart and vessels. The heart muscle is weakened

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be washed twice daily about the genital regions with,

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congestion of the lungs. They relax the bronchioles and

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Temperature. — The temperature is reduced by the con-

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to occupy his present professorship in the University.

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toms of an unfavorable character then made their appearance, and he

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pulse continued quick and feeble, mind wandering — frequently dwell-

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respiration 28; some dulness on percussion; mucous rale at left

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with a solution containing one drachm of the tincture of

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creatic (trypsin), biliary and intestinal ferments in the intes-

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ments have tended to show that its therapeutic value is

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