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Case XVI. — An abortion at the 4th month. Received ablow on

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Case 2d. — The patient, a female, suffering under

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the intestine are two in number. They act very dif-

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44. Sutherland D. Goetz FC. Najarian JS: Pancreas transplants from living

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apex of the orbit. It met some resistance, which suddenly

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not in a vital part of the brain, recovery, more or less

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under it to others recently delivered ; but if he have been so engaged,

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of this is obvious. In the four last months of pregnancy it is always possible

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appear in different parts, the congestion of the veins is continued

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sumed, — was, as is common with consumptives, anxious to try

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they are either feebler or indistinct, or else they are muffled, and some-

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equal parts of salt and Ringer's solution. The addition of the latter reduced the

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of some of the red blood-corpuscles, and the appearance first of haemoglobin,

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a diabetic, or the purin tolerance of a gouty patient as a preliminary to

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with the plaster. As a general rule, the plaster may remain undisturbed

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very small compared with the other, at the time of its rup-

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it in surgical and obstetrical work as I have done, you will be

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vaccine and variola does not protect against the variola, though

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trophic gastritis with polypoid lesion due to numerous

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tion to the University's equipment for dealing with one of the

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loss of albumen diminishes the density of the blood-serum which has

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tested speetroscopically to determine the presence of blood corpuscles

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sistance. As in the watch-key, so here, the joint between the hammer and anvil

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juice examined during the same stage in quartan fever shows the

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Sec. 3. A physician accompanying his application with a transfer card

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h^-jDcralgesia, h^-perthermesthesia, increased pilosensory irritability

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your daughter is over-bred and over-educated. Many of the most

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46. Hall, I. W. : The Purin Bodies of Foodsuffs. Manchester, 1902, p. 64.

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under notice; as it presented some points of curious interest, or

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renal disease sufficiently often to denote a causative influence. The waxy

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had any trouble with his ears before. Never has had

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from the bowels in diarrhoea is of a pale yellow, and has few floc-

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remarks of the author were chiefly made to simplify

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we are accustomed to find when dealing with women who have a

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1. Foul taste may originate either in local affections of the mouth,

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cranium is the most interesting feature of this case. The young woman's very

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The solution should be freshly made with sterilized