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see this deduction ever becoming more widely generalized, be it with

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thoroughly we have not had one case of Milk Fever. If cows

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of senile arteriosclerosis is apt to be found with hypotension.

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recognized by Gerhardt's ferric chloride test. To 10 cc. of urine add a

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Tracheotomy is absolutely demanded in extreme cases.

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The structure of these j'oung forms as shown in preparations

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the patient peculiarly liable to this infection, but the rapidity -^-ith which

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ture cessation of the erection. The sexual weakness may be characterized

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discharged nurse had been, by the advice of injudicious friends, brought

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Fig. 9. — Section of large intestine of monkey, showing three Balantidium coli suis

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passing the tip of the finger over the outlines of the letters and so read-

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nective tissue, which by sclerosis causes atrophy of ^

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cause inflammation of the pleura when they extend to the periphery of

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g^aid to the first of these symptoms, particularly the restlessness, the

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sity College, London, etc., etc. New York : D. Applcton &, Co.

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sarean section does not rule out von Willebrand's disease.

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crura cerebelli. These transverse fibres are the com-

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ing can be better done in the Sims position and with

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in the pure blue and bluish and violet-black varieties, as

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100 c.c, Riegel at 50 c.c. Smaller quantities may be

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In all of these cases the blood may flow downwards into the

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H"-concentration is decreased and the heat denaturated particles are

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new form of pain, sometimes distinguishable by its stabbing character

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deficiency. The most reliable means at our hands for this purpose, are

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so easily reclaimed as to expect it to return unsolicited. It

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rapidly working alse of the nose, and every respiratory muscle called

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pigment granules were to be seen in the deepest layer of cells of the rete

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ing could cure her, the complaint now being a '' quivering of

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tines, but this still leaves the diagnosis obscure, and so we

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days, and not then without some cutting. The patient recovered, and

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In spite of the most heroic treatment (incisions and cauterization), no decid-

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he was informed that the child sick with smallpox had

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increased in size, and the faradic excitability had nearly returned.

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tism in the case; the roughening of the shoulder joint was the

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of the fatality of this dreadful scourge, I think, is attributable to the

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else taken through a glass tube, and afterward the mouth should be