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All j)ieces tliat are separated from the body of the bone, as
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casket it was found that the weight of the body had been reduced from one
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Simple Stomatitis. — From taking very hot or corrosive liquids
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local manifestation of its existence, unless the menses be obstructed,
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purulent discharge from one or both ears. I have been indebted to
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cases, thirteen, or ten per cent, relapsed ; one relapsed twice. Of the
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they should be, yet we have great reason for feeling en-
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money for a specified purpose. It is as follows : —
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disease is common in workhouses and jails, and most prevalent amongst
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It has been frequently observed that men addicted to the use of brandy oflen erpe-
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an epidemic, etc. These are some of the practical questions which
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second day there was a spontaneous discharge of fecal mat-
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centre in the medulla, or weakness of the respiratory muscles ; or tachy-
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Picci found during the quotidian a greater elimination of nitrogen in
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followed by diarrhoea. This is at first attended with tenesmus,
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For Mental and Nervous Diseases, Alcoholism and Drug Habit
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understood to be an unsatisfactory demonstration. The ladies were so
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after operation was two and one-quarter years, the aver-
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termina, and causes thereby obstruction to assimilation, and
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with water, followed by soaking for some minutes in strong
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sidered as the exercise of thai inherent disposition in the uterus
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Changes in Respired Air. — The atmosphere consists of 20 '9 6 volumes
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it in the trachea, and below the cords? If in the pouch
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if any careful observer might now, with the aid of such objections,
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bers, embarrasses us, and makes our labors doubly difiScult. We ap-
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years of his directorship of the Goerbersdorf sanatorium
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was everywhere covered with villous papillae. Their epithelial covering was
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tution, till it either goes off, or else occasions death by
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vote their entire time to them. I do not mean by these obser-
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Simmer at least six hours, strain and put in a littlesalt, but no other spice.
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American Joamal of the Medical ScienceB, No. for April, 1865.
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form of a yellow powder, which is difficultly phurous acid is evolved, and a white sul-
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Solution of the protein material probably takes place in two
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ordinary antiphlogistic treatment is recommended for perito-
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faeulty possessed by perhaps one in a thousand. Multitudes of fatal