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maintains that the action of the heart and the contractions and relaxations


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that the solidification of the plaster in the mixture

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he himself says, however, is only of iDenefit in the superficial pharyn-

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It then falls, in some cases rapidly, in others by degrees, to the normal

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Much of the disapproval expressed and implied was not so much

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Latterner, F. H., 4793, San Francisco, Med. Coll. of Ohio, Apr. 6, 1893.

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It LS to be remembered, in this connection, that at the

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jection, after the more acute symptoms have subsided :

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the parishes of Limehouse, Stepney, Shadwell, (with Ratcliff), and Wapping,

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its pathological character 1 hold to be erroneous. The pulmonary affection

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fortable with the leg flexed and resting on his left side. There

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Limbitrol 10-25, initial dosage of three or four tablets daily in divided doses, increased

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be perceived, even for a very long time, on which account owners

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regulated as easily as a person can be fattened or reduced

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dropsy, when there exists no obvious disease of the valves or vessels to account

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that there are cases in Avhich the disease is a degeneration limited ex-

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the lungs averages 120 cubic inches, and as the air tubes con-

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Adhesions might prevent a gron-th from moving, or might

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been widely advertised as a remedy for sexual impotence.

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most favorable for the digestion, while only a trace of

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Paragould, was been elected to the Board of Directors of

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and ammonium carbonate. The aromatic spirits of ammonia is valuable for

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non-infectious disease, the corpses may be photographed

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32. 8alkow8kl: Ber. d. Deutath. Chem. Oes., Bd. 9, 8. 719:

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to the subject of antisepsis. He does not neglect it, but

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loose from tlie instrument and pulling upon one end

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Lewes; Kichard Marlev, Bromyard, Herefordshire; John

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External Ocular Muscles. By Arthur V. Meigs, M.D., and G. E. dk Schttei-

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Treatment. — ^The remedies theoretically recommended for osteo-

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chest to pass the ^vinter in the south of England. He says

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tain syringe ; it is pretty certain at some time to cause

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for months, may bring about such good results that nothing

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Stimulated particularly by the last objection, the chemists

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followed the example of Dr. Percival and Dr. Cheyne, of giving two or

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While admitting that it is practically impossible to ex-