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skin disease. He was sure its value was frequently underesti-
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In some years the number of deaths from hepatic cirrho-
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sometimes continue for several weeks, so that the old rule of " sublata
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We Lave already insisted on the merits which this book possesses,
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end of the ventral surface on a level with the bifurcation of-
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upon which to declare the " place of election " much
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ion of the coracoid process of the scapula. So, too,
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tions such as he described, which are generally looked upon as exceed-
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Murray reviews the whole subject of thyroid medication. The chief
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these small doses with the diffusible stimulants. When
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crisis. In fact, not a few communities in this country
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animal of whatever species is wanted, it must be well fed from
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tegument ; within, of mucous tissue. The two labia are joined in
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over the artery opened, the vessel exposed, a ligature passed around it
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of V. Wilcockson, Esq. The society is formed for the
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measles and scarlet fever are anatomically distinct from
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5th. Use of languages supposed to be unknown to the
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or without watching the case. The period of incuba-
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of the passengers, the disinfection by formaldehyde of such articles
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only kept herself up by the free use of stimulants.
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The fowl which died apparently from this disease was
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print. — Zhivopistscir ( N. A. ) K voprosu o periodi-
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viously stimulated by some irritant application, so that its
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and associated with other substances may develop toxins
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made of salivary glands, 0. (N.B. — Many yeast-like bodies in the
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In the treatment of arterial haemorrhage, which is well
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mal childbed, as well as of the various disturbances that
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that the course of tuberculosis of the lungs is markedly and unfavor-
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and glistening and forms the white of the eye. In front it is
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accordance with Cheyne's advice, as laid down in books. Mead,
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months. He complained of dyspnea, edema of the legs and abdomen, with
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prejudice against vaccination which has lieretolbie to some