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swelling of the bitten part, due to exudation of liquid blood. Pain
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foreign bodies in the gall-passages, appear to play an impcxtant part
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the jejunum, and establishes the new opening at the most
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fish, such as plaic^, sole, whiting;, haddock, cod or
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jury, it must be a rarity. This has not been proven ex-
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of the latter cases the dropsy is due to the rupture of cysts and the dis-
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at no time could the presence of albumen in the urine be ascribed to
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source of error that it was the object of his paper to remove.
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having been endemic in these situations for a long period.
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papules are also seen to develoj^, but not in connection with the red
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the introduction of such injections as the routine method of treat-
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enlargement, exceedingly hard and diffuse, depends on the swollen
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anemia, malnutrition, etc., being duly credited with producing the
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alcohol is hurtful to the individual and to the race. It easily
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thyreoid vein was present without an accessory. As to the
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maxilla, the neck, and the side of the face. Microscopic sec-
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body from destruction by animalculae and fungi. The
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the gelatine was got quicker into the intra-muscular tissue, and was
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Biernacki attributes the increased putrefaction observed
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employ it in the treatment of syphilis. At present the matter is in the
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and at the end of pregnancy. He clearly demonstrated that it
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fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs, between their tubercles and angles ;