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years old, causing death on the fifth day (E. Bellamy) . . 195
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Sanitary Superintendent, vacated by Dr. Cyrus Edson.
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evident with the long forceps in her previous labours, that there was capacity
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mains fluid at ordinary temperatures. This preparation was first used
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is always a sign that the nerve-tissue has primarily disintegrated. Svich
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ginning of further research in the same direction. The fol-
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tures, incisions, lacerations, bruises, and burns or scalds.
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2. Add a little solution of lead acetate to a solution of tannic
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very well on cattle; melted lard is perhaps the best. Mustard,
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Corbett, J. P., Swansboro; Wash. Univ., 1928; U.N.C... 1928 1930
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quinine. Of forty-three cases studied by F. Plehn in the same region,
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of publishing a bulletin of the debates before the Society, and
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recently introduced, is an elegant vehicle for many of the
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digestion, and I feel that your Imperial Granum saved his life. He never tires of
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scription of a muscle of the striped variety, situated at the
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Oxytropis predominates in the northern section. The word
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trophy of the lateral lobes of the thyroid gland. It is fre-
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sciousness may exist for a time even when hanging or garrot-
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strictions it caused in the throat. In the verminous affections
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Owing to the high price and great demand for musk, both
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ifying in my hands as has been generally reported by other observers.
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drive it from the house; and our precautionary measures were un-
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third nerve, with the characteristic paralysis of the ocular
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afterward described the affection more fully than Wilde
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Indies. The first, the Firebrand, lost 39 of 170 crew (10 died
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its course ; how it emerges from the passages into the world:
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times by great enlarg:ement ; sometimes by their pressure effects upon,
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