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too small a share of these, from press of practice or other causes,
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Nov. 1858), it was proved that the accused recovered his sanity eight hours
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ningitis, simple or tubercular.' For some days the symptoms continued much
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of pus with the aspirator. On June 20th 1 repeated the
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intonation, and has been termed "croupy". It is observed in
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35. Kirschner MA, Samojlik E, Szmal E. Clinical usefulness
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with its peculiarly septic character, are permitted to sleep much — and
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culation has sprung up, and the attempt had now to be abandoned.
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had evident symptoms of disease and enlargement of the liver. A
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found of greater importance to the people of this Dominion
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he is suddenly seized with a convulsive fit, and becomes blind.
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membrane may be seen to move outwards on simple inflation by
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creative activity which was simply incredible. . . . Happiness
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coyer with antiseptic gauze, absorbent cotton and roller bandage
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by Wernicke and Friedlander) speech was either unintelligible or absent,
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of the great majority of nongouty persons contains less than 3.0 mg.
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Brown, Charlotte A. The Principles of Nursing , (Zm & Fehiger') 31-75
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be very interestini; to watch the future history of this child ; I
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a rule, it occurs in conjunction, but secondary in point of time,
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-chiefly attributed. Children who are nursed by healthy mothers, can
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lime-water. The following prescription will be found effective :
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for which the available ammonia is insufficient. The loss of the hepatic