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the supposition of serious injury to the nervous centres existing in such cases)

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the same time, as the system was sinking under the shock of the disease,

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that the above objections might be overcome; 1 determined on seizing the first

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bladder was met with, but the rectum presented a sort of cajcal appen-

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abscess of the right elbow-joint with disease of the bones, in which he excised

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1868.] Willis on the Sudoriparous and Lymphatic Systems. 423

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all ineffectual, and the hemorrhage grew more rapid. The author therefore

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given the name of " parenchymatous or cloudy swelling.^' It

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The wood cut conveys a tolerable idea of the appearance of the disease

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the disease were taken properly — that there was a good vesicle and areola, with

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rexia; complained of irregular ciiilly sensations; has never had intermitting

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showing that the transverse striation is entirely owing to

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vasated, giving the fresh section a peculiar dark-spotted appearance.

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80 far as to be able to walk short distances with the help of a stick.

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are of great importance with regard to the further course of such

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modest to submit to such an examination! — or the doctor

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is chloramphenicol eye ointment safe in pregnancy

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already observed, formerly obtained in London, is still found to subsist in Rome,