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vessel or tubule and having reached the tubules they may then find

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the circulatory system they may also enter the liver by the lymphatic

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organs of the larval forms of the parasites which exist in the

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chloride or corrosive sublimate the symptoms are immediate and very

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from the part affected to the exhalent surfaces upon which those

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ones containing the experience of our Southern diseases are of more value

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early. Sudden intestinal obstruction was analogous to shock

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burning but above the ankle there was neither swelling pain nor flushing.

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Committee is the result of a meeting held in Utiea New

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grass. These cows were in perfect health when first put out

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exertion in sport followed by catching cold. A number

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be long spared to enjoy his well earned leisure and the observance

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say For the interests of science we might readily consent to con

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not say when he examined the animals from which he draws his

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homes of wealth in Boston s fashionable district are childless

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In the light of our present knowledge of this disease strict isola

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function is extremely important. There are likely to be disturbances then in

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proportion as the temperature. The blood pressure was surpris

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of the heart organic diseases of the brain and spinal cord

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new dose makes itself felt one might take a strong infu

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of cures. This view was strongly sui ported by the very complete

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intestine from his patient she went to her home in Central Illinois