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(2) Climate. — ^Malaria is more prevalent in tropical and subtropical than

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the direction of attempting to increase the chances

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the death of this or that friend, " always so strong

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fluid, cultures of which were taken, but gave a negative result. The

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cure inoculated guinea-pigs, although Pfuhl obtained

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terical palpitations, in all respects resembling those of the disease in (juestion,

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ing and pain ; then there may be alternating constipation and diarrhea ;


tence. Sometimes it appears as a sort of practice in expression, an

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the source of supply failing, I treated most of the cases of intermit-

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circulatory disturbance which plays the chief role in eliciting the

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be safely deferred. The operation must, however, be

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by a college academic course, he would not be able to

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The following observations were made on 12 patients admitted to the

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lithium cataphoresis, lithium has also been found in the

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in the case of exudation, it is disposed of in the various ways we

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less sensitive than acid fuchsine; the solutions are cloudy

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Sixteen of the 21 strains were pathogenic for mice when 1 c c of

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" Inasmuch as ye have done it unto (xie of these, my

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of 20 cases, that there was a considerable anaemia com-

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disease may show itself in from forty to fifty days.

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and long-continued unconsciousness, the gas in this instance

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laryngeal miiror, the voice returned, to the great asto-

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weak point, and makes all such methods unreliable. In all

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developed case of scarlatina. I immediately resorted to the

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was placed in tubes A, B, and C, and all were aerated for one and three-quarter

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intermittent fever is denied by same writers. Bouillaud calls it a ' real

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were removed, the one having developed into a tumour which weighed

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The appearance of the tumour in situ Avere shewn in a draw-

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Estes, David S., Internal Medicine, Pine Bluff. Bom

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t Medico-lhirurgical Transactions, London, vol. xlviii

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an extraordinary phantasm, in consequence of which she

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them have kindly consented to come here for your instruc-

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fever had existed. In one of these cases (No. 8) no mention of the

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3 pints of normal saline fluid into his veins. This improved

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managers to ascertain their opinions concerning the

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When seen again on March 15, at my house, the wound had cicatrized with

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instrument; it keeps its heat perfectly, it is easily Avorked

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frontal or occipitofrontal, and dull or lancinating. The headache becomes

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abdominal segment, when fully distended. In shape it is fusiform. The

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drawn is clearly not mistletoe ; more like “ veronica becca-

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tumour of the corpora quadrigemina of the size of a hazel nut, in AvLich

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rised to 103-2''; at night it was 103-6'. This temperature was