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perhaps several miles. It is well known that three-fourths of the
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its passage through the brain. But this estimate is more difficult. The
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of the uterus was much rarer than tubercle of the tubes or ovaries.
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Laryngeal oedema in adults is also a frequent and serious
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is to be found in the fact that a hole in this location allows the
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During the past year some improvements can be noted in school build-
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cases the patient has not been kept to the house for more than six or eight days.
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considers that ulcers originate mainly in affections of the vessels con-
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is that the gut is toughened by the process and ren-
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Over the years many changes have taken place. Increas-
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* Necropsy diagnosis. t Clinical diagnosis; necropsy refused,
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Cholera, then, is an earth-born endemic disease, always prevail-
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der, and probably there is no disease in which, as to this point,
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Year.^ — Arsenite of copper in anaemia, the use of atro-
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the remedy which, whenever he took it even in small doses, and
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of the mercurial purgative, I have found these of no use at all.
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to decide the dividing line between the affections of the