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The disease is essentially one of peripheral neuritis, caused by an

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might occur from a too rapid emptying of the distended abdomen.

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with constipation I prescribe the constant use of belladonna.

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Sir Chables Cameron, Bart.. M.P.. was then called, and

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arthritis also differs in attacking joints which are but rarely affected

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organs within the abdomen, especially of the uterine cancers, by the

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Hospital for the Treatment of Small-pox and Scarlet Fever ; doubly

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dose necessary to keep the patient well when the symptoms of the

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almost certain sign, namely, the occurrence of severe rigors late in the

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Tachycardia is an occasional accompaniment of certain cerebro-

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intractable progress in time settles the diagnosis.

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12,461 was opened. 20 bodies buried, and it was closed on