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manifestation of organic disease or defect. A discussion of the supposed

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more in accordance with the demands of science as well as prac-

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tended by any spasm or rigidity of the muscles, and the animal appeared rather to be excited

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Power, F.R.C.S., M.B., Lond. ; Surgeon to the Royal Westminster

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the origin of this, he dissects downward, rapidly and thus the mortality considerably

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tation. The fatty tissue is increased particularly, the muscles not partici-

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The Poison Information Center in Milwaukee was established in 1956 through the efforts of The

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was in general more severe in the girls than in the

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. Bluish pallor under the eyes; 3 min. sio+TcTo* ^ch.,

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for this is to be found in the fact that often in these cases

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burst. Would be very difhdent in interfering in cases

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tism, wounds, contusions, the insertion of poisons, &c;

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T he forehead is the zone of expression. As we mature,

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the transverse process of the sixth cervical vertebra, and passes

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hook. The obstructing valve was divided. The rectum became

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several of the cases recorded by Dr. Hay den, in a paper to be

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of public health and sanitation. The nuisance of straying domestic animals was

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pected to see in a small family practice--the 13-year-old girl with

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Glossary of the terms used in Chemistry and Medicine, including old names, con-

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□ $1 ,000,000 Major Medical □ $250,000 Term Life □ $100,000 AD & D

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cated. The facts show the development of the special cause in connection

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cortex, and this living witness Avas confronted by a monkey which was

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known, this situation is more likelj' to be involved when

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but well marked primary lesions of the testicles by treatment with

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have been identified based on urinary calcium excretion,

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the same agent may cause erysipelas and suppuration. It explains the

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greater obstruction during sleep to turgescence of the posterior

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Cytamceba Danilewsky, 1890 ; Proteosoma Labbe, 1894 ;

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house and live to fifty or sixty."— (Thackrah, p.

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are nevertheless only secondary elements in the condition of the organ, and

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views of the iuHuence of the cerebelkim on nutrition ; nor do they