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far as they were carried, they agreed with the findings in the
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stronger similarity to a type of sensory ending found by Dogiel
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the pathological anatomist is greater than their practical importance to
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NoBBis, H. W. 1913 The cranial nerves of Siren lacertina. Jour. Morph., vol
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communicated to the tumor from the aorta, and this will suggest the idea
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supposed to enter into the etiology of diarrhoea, colic, and sporadic cholera
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between fifteen and thirty }■ ears of age. If a person have not experienced
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heart, the two conditions necessary to generate the sound are in
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are some facts connected with the seat of the adhesions, or
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cellular cleft, filled with a small amount of extracellular, vacuo-,
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hemiplegia with the apoplectic seizure. This condition may be suspected
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If the patient be secluded at the earliest period when the disease can be
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side of the operation, while no chromatolysis resulted from
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intrusted to me, was one thousand one Jiundred and twenty-
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of quinia, occurring at the situations in which the injections were made.
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plexy, due to the hemorrhagic tendency manifested in the clinical history
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perform their office, the condition of the parts is remarkably
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rodynia. In making the diagnosis, pleuritis and intercostal neuralgia are
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towards the remote ramifications of the nerves. This, however,
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tubes, escape into the pleural sac being prevented b}' partial i)leuritis
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and the fibril net-work of the ganglion cell. Holmgren (22)
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gitis, the false membrane, in part at least, consists of exuded lymph; the
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Fig. 40 Mesial view of left hemisphere of full-term mule fetus, showing the
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do with a group of chemical sense organs, and is related phjrsi-
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Art. X. — On the Mechanism of Bruit de Sovfiet. By D.
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apt to give up the contest. Again, patients sometimes keep the house
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of the penis, capable of admitting the largest sized catheter.
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creases in speed at first because of the catalyzing eflfect of a
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cases in which there are anv grounds for suspecting its presence ; and it
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After emerging from the pons the facial nerve passes laterally,
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sexual excesses, and other causes which tend to depress or disorder the
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apposition with each other, for they leave between them inter-
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among those more or less advanced in life than among the .young. The
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" Aneurism from anastomosis consists in a mutual enlargement of the arteries
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weighing, at which time the brain weighs 20 to 30 per cent more
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terminalis in the various groups of vertebrates briefly and homol-
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is to invigorate both body and mind. With regard to bodily vigor, good
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a few weeks afterwards the patient's state was exactly the same
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If an examination of the left trigeminal roots is made about
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occasioning interference with the pulmonary circulation, namel}', pleuritis
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slight perspiration. In the mean time the affected joint becomes swelled,