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that I considered the case, as I first saw it, a hope-

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blind pouch or series of pouches, more or less remote from

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states that just as the knife penetrated the abscess her

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terized ; of these 92, 69 per cent, remained healthy, and 42, 31 per

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rotation. Students will attend the Hypertension Faculty Practice Office and participate in the

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studied in the dispensary of the Henry Phipps Institute, where we

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remedies, which are proving of great service, have been intro-

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newest theories in the various branches of paediatric

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y>jrt7T/iea.— Acute, 55; convalescent, 42; with malaria, 14; with

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sound was elicited on percussion. It was, therefore, evident that

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they rapidly reassume their previous position of extension on

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the brim, owing to a slight contraction of the con-

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therefore be dismissed as absolutely without clinical

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are succeeded by feverish reaction, headache, restlessness, pain and

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The iliac tumor pointed immediately above the crural arch, where

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is oi nun in chlorosis, does not assume an) merit of discovery; be

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malady be a result, or both depend upon a common cause, is not yet clear.

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genital tract, infection of the umbilical cord, and subse-

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diagnostic or therapeutic standpoint, in which we include, as

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Camphora. 2.x. — Fits, with stertorous breathing,

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early in their military career. As will be seen, the symptoms existed

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until the condition of the stomach has been improved, and

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vard College, 1897-98. Cambridge: Published by the Univer-

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weeks. In the other, a thin, ill-nourished man, with the ulcers

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disturbance of the vascular equilibrium. From a clin-

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uterus during my two last periods of service at the Eoyal Maternity,

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are dilated and tortuous ; numerous extravasations of blood

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