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The obstruction had been due to adhesions following

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in a strip of lint, which in turn was thoroughly saturated

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districts and for the large numbers of persons attacked, it

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the curves of the scarlatina and diphtheria mortalities in the German

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statement of these divisions and of the trades included in

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causing occlusion of the crypts"; but I think that is precisely what one

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lescence is established, ami the patient recovers more or less slowly or

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but disappeared without any subjective symptoms. About four weeks before coming

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upon their own admissions, and an experience in recognized cases. This

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quality at that spot, and propagated towards the right nipple as much as

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were significantly higher than those of a group of randomly

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sounds. It would be interesting to be able to find out what path-

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as exempUfied in the plate executed by ^Iv. Forster from a truthful

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tion of the profession. Dr. Johnson has put the sub-

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get well, except to do judiciously, and, in your con-

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■of similar lesions elsewhere situated; e.g., it may be

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after some lapse of time the investigations were carried

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Freeman, Walter and Watts, J. W. : Psychosurgery during

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ditions associated with a proliferation of new cells, or

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mations and neoplasia?, appears to develop in this way. Perhaps those

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cf even temperature, and in bed if the fever is at all severe, and should be

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idism and to take the burden of his care from the family is

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Sir R. Martin's hypothetical statement that his patient ' had been

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infection, embolism, or injury. The situation is almost in-

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Board " to take such measures, to do and order, and

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Hydatid tumours not unfrequently undergo cure — sometimes by spon-

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an act by a man's body and limbs in defiance of the exertion of his own

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accompanied the Loeffler bacillus, as well as in two other lungs in which

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spiration was also present. When first examined the patient pre-

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The sulphate of copper, used in medicine and chemistry, sometimes contains

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should be made concerning tremor (which may be the cue to more

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tions. The early syphilide was symmetrical and dis-