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continuing to increafe along with her bulk, which had now in-

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which so often precede death from other diseases is wanting.

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The fact that 72 per cent, occurred in children after bad colds, and

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mediately returns, and is just as forcible as it was be-

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The entire upper lip is now at least one inch and a quarter in thickness;

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seemed to have the desired effect, as they commenced to thrive

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tion at this time reveals the presence of large numbers of poly nuclear

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an introduction by H A. Hare, M.D., Professor of Tlierapeutics,

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and one of these had fallen and refractured the bones during

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Electrical treatment has not been attended with any success in

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more or less febrile movement, with anorexia, thirst, nausea, and vomiting.

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tides. To the scientific world Doctor Adams needs no introduction. For

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frequent consequences and accompaniments of endo-metritis. In these

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ver is not a marked feature, and when gotonus and the irritable condition of the

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sion, and seated in it V'irchow received the good wishes

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of life is much shorter than it ought to be. Instances of great

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Three days ago he was affected with violent vomiting, pain of

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courses are offered at the West Side Hebrew Dispensary, treating over 30,000 cases

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The chief therapeutic agent is electricity. The employment of this agent

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' A ])aper read before the National Association for ilie Htiidy of E]iilepsy, at

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the left auricle when at the mitral. Rupture of these aneurysms is common,

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principle underlying osteopathic diagnosis that objective

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briefly into the physiological and pathological theories as advanced

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The so-called uremic palsies are pareses or paralyses that may resemble,

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upon hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, and be pre-

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Very rarely an affection presenting similar appearances exists upon other parts

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success, and the conclusion of the. report stated, that the kousso is a

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any country. Most of our systematic works on the practice of medicine

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quire, '["he members ot the regular medical (acuity

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paiD, tenderness, and swelling are situated in the neighborhood of the

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from 5 to 10 drops, and periplocin itself in doses of ^.y of a grain.

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everted, and sharply receded, passing almost vertically to meet the

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some cases a decidedly good effect. For the relief of pain the

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basic and not sufficient practical and therapeutic in-

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of the disease this does not mean that it is neces-

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transfer of hj-persusceptibility did not succeed, did not give any

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