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of their decomposition products, that only a most critical compari-
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in our previous communication we believe that not only can the
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quite opposed to those maintained by most oculists of the present
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normal even after the amount of carbohydrates is increased. The patient
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took place. It has been noticed, that when this disease appears
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When we are confronted with a true case of chlorosis, or ansemia dur-
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an individual has been accustomed to some alcohol — beer, stout, or whis-
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This concludes the list of heart stimulants, strictly considered. As
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and had 221 admissions and 41 deaths ; at the same time, the Horse
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watch will serve the same purpose by simply starting on the 2^
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vailing epidemic, three combinations are formed out of these ; one
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health, some pallor, symptoms of arterial tension and hypertrophy of
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ter, almost the same results as this writer has come to coincided
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The preparation of the solutions has been already described.
pelvis. The foetal heart was distinctly audible on the left side,
of Police adopt the recommendations contained in the first division
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worked up into a drug of constant strength. [I know no way of settling
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method is of value in determining the bactericidal power of only one
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Exposure to a temperature of 55° C. for 30 minutes kills it. At
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to their digestibility and their availability in diseases of the digestive
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ment of a sharp intraperitoneal reaction within two or three hours
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At the end of two and a half minutes a loopful of each of the
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April 28: Very sick; coughing continually; vomiting.
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From these two tables it seems that when the pulsation varies
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edly more rapid recovery than the controls, as judged by the rate
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The explanation of this action of ether is not clear, but the
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this is insufficient, apply a leech, an ice-bag, or dry cups locally. A
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0.01 G. CYq gr.) per dose. The same dose may be given in 60-70 G.
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Again, if the pups which have been experimentally infected with
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Kingdom ; and whether, similarly, a more or less consolidated examining
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fissures or of a fuliginous deposit, the tongue should be painted every
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united by a sternal pad, so arranged as not to incommode the chest
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erection of the building, the propriety of having what is called an
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\st June. — Tincture of the digitalis has been dropt into the ear
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in Table 9. The results would indicate that there was some
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oxalate, often with good results in the author's practice, or the common
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brown characteristic febrile a))poarance. During the early stage
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its comparative safety in children, M. S(3dillot states that in cliildren
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added after cooling. This acid drink should be taken little by little
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the tables is evident upon inspection of the data there given, but
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the bodies of persons dying of the disease. The cutaneous hemor-
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to be secured in its wards, and is to be accomplished —
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Special Diets. — The second question propounded above (p. 379) —
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