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years old who for about two weeks had suffered from
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within two days. She manifested no sense of feeling nor power of
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tic precautions. With a different assistant I then performed two
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develop up to a definite stage. In their final stage of
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and when either might well be spoken of and understood as
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while the opposite shoulder is for the moment crowded behind the sym
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H was characterized first by a slight fall in the lymphocytes and an
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causes the external rectus of one and the internal rectus of
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great difflculty is that the soft palate can not occlude the
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it should always be provided with an open chimney that a due circulation
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state of equilibrium in which they vibrate until the inert contents
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the peripheral vagi digitalis improves the tone of the
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have ha lt i no spirit of opposition to even tlie highest education
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is shaken vigorously before use and the patient inhales
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effects of the applications upon the pro was found that the applications had
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with himself and his symptoms. Not infrequently when there is degenera
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Treatment is wholly preventive in destroying rats and mice where
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Although earthquakes are very uncommon in India yet they have been
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ery of many conditions in incipiency due to the constant
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ards tlie subject of hospital management especially
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ing him. As soon as he recovered breath he exclaimed Take
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in the lower patches of Peyer and a number of small ulcers in
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Drs. McCarthy and Faughnan and the Association directed the Corre
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A little clean absorbent cotton may be placed at the bottom
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cerned his statements had been founded simply on his own ex
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in a pain of the nerve of the tooth without any considerable
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part. Erlich explains the fever following the injection of
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commencement upon the tonsils. As the disease progresses diphthe
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gestion to a large degree. This is due to the acid and
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ment of the destroyed parenchymatous tissue by that of a fibrous nature.
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In the fourth case there was marked fibrosis of the
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is warmed or by renewing the sheet as has been described.