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ciple of working in the interests of the producers and the consumers.

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was piled on a rack and cleared the floor by 6 inches, allowing the pork to drain and dry.

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white nodules in the renal cortex, spleen, liver, cardiac and skeletal

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171. Van Ceutck : Bull, de la Soc. d'6mulat de Paris, 1824, p. 251

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as haying been preylously inspected and passed by a Department employee shall be

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152. ♦Steele, C: ''Case of deficient oesophagus." Lancet, 1888,

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that influence happens to be the causative agent of a disease like that

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supplied by the actual growth into acini of connective tissue. What-

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erin-agar and an abundant growth obtained on this medium in the first transfer.

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Fi0. 2. — Ciinres showlnir the utilization of dextrose when the pancreas Is

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dr.-itc is iiiidiT'.'-oiiiu'- i-oiiiliiistio!i. tlir iiiiotifiit is iirMiIy 1, w Iiiti'.-is witli

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proteins, B vitamins and iron. Developed originally

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carcasses and refuse products must not be connected in any manner with tanks, vats, or

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tion was had with the proprietors of abattoirs or their agents, with one exception, which

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A complete index to Vol. I-XVI of the Bulletin has been issued. Price, 50 cents,

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such cattle shall have been inspected, found free from ticks (Boophilue af^ulaiue), and

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The appropriation of funds by the various States for this purpose

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interval, it is possible to rob the blood of a large amoimt of chlorides.

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of acetic acid, wliii-h mi fiiiitlhi completely hiirnt to cailionic acid and

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butchers in the small towns and the consumption on farms, each of

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Pike 2 Eugene Barrymore Bowling Green .Charles H. Lewellen

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The hog-killing room of abattoir No. 206 Is crowded with machinery, and both the

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istics of the avian type was possible. By sucoessively placing col-

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tained in all, and in five instances of nodular toxic

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])resent in the iiiiiscnlar nerves. In >in'h a paral.\/ed sensory leuion tin'

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T|lcl»'.lii-f, y. (i.: Am. .I..iii- I'livM..!.. I'.'li., xli. -'T.'. ;iii.l •^•'■:.

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..t'teii called chrotiiiiifii <-»//.v. There are also some cells coutainin'jr coarser

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he thinks automatically of two things: first, Paget’s

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|)ll^•.illl(■ \;i\s liy uliirli tliis cuuld ]•<• dcHii': i|' liy iiiriiiis ul' ji iic|-vi>us

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