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Case xxxiv. — Slight swelling of Feyers glands, only one small
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diminished, sometimes there is marked poikilocytosis, and the picture
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structures play not only in producing symptoms, but especially in all
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indiscretion in diet, but this time notliing of the sort
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at least use special staining reactions, while in all cases in which there is
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Argonin (silver casein). Although less irritating than silver nitrate, in
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of X-rays to biological problems. Given only in the Summer Quarter from 8:00 to
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the body. Twenty years ago works on medicine and surgery
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11th. — Patient lies unconscious, with head bent back as before.
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In this stage of the disease, (first) blisters and other exter-
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crastinate until too late, the disease is established, and the trip can do
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be a large one. The patient should have a waistcoat almost, or at
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disappeared. Used locally, he found no benefit resulting;
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mentioned ; facial tremors, together with altered knee-jerks, will generally
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due to great pain as when the diaphragmatic pleura is involved.
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Medical Society of this State, and held the offices of Treasurer,
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other phenomena that will be more fully discussed later. From time
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frequently, without the diagnosis needing to be re-
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a popular "cough-lozenge," or "troche." In these last two
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wall was closed by silk sutures, which were passed deeply, so as to
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rience compels us to recognize the constant failure of
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pressure forceps to pull upon the ends if this accident should
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as bots; they sometimes attach themselves at other points along
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overtax one set of muscles, and leave others comparatively
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bones, the lengthening of shortened or contracted muscles, tendons
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a coherent national health policy, 80 81 the wide professional
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The relation of pregnancy to exophthalmic goitre is variable. Some-
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it is inli:ilcd \)y workmen employed in dyeing, polishing mirrors, and other
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is commonly termed ' cicatricial tissue : ' a form of connective tissue
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regular segments. These, he asserts, are formed at first
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eyelids. Erythema of the skin appears about the same time as the
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which the results of this treatment have been unsatisfac-
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muscles to faradism and found that they still reacted
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in five cubic centimetres of sterilized water and treated