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case the pigment is chiefly in the liver cells ; in the latter,
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a large, ulcerated bleeding ntevus upon tlie head, after
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older documents are presented in fac-simile, while the
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Applicants must be graduates of reputable medical colleges.
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through an existing paroxysm, the other is to prevent another paroxysm.
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tlie wafor-asli or wingsccd, a species of so-called swamp dog-
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Tin- i>n'|iuru«ioii known iik rin .Uiniani, wliicli iiuK been t>ni|ilo.vt'il l>y
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elaborate work on that disease, and tabulated them. Pie has been able from
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This subject has been taken up experimentally by C. M.
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pares the disadvantages of the straight extension in
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acting medicine. The idea to be distinctly perceived in this
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" The different designs were not each more than a few inches
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disorders, but not necessarily of the same cl^racter as those pro-
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affections characterised by a specific overgrowth of the cntis, for the most
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thereby of the danger of hsemoptysis ; suppression of the source of
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ideas of disease rendered more comprehensive, and his mind
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under a bell-jar, moistened inside to prevent evaporation, and are tested every
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drate, litmus-paper or phenophtallein ' being used as the
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affected eye ; it seemed to answer best when done in the supra-
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apparatus, and Bercut (1904) and Hartley (1907) have made the
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whole, useless. There are occasions where neutral salt3, tonics,
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less efficacious, and in many cases induces headache with a feeling
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It is impossible to mainta^in a graceful poise of the body either
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The urine was scant, high colored, and loaded with casts of the urinary tubes, and albumen.
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older he may learn to eat, to play on the piano, to do astonishing
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been removed and the granulations which have formed offer
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a cold or warm climate will be likely to prove most advantageous t Ths
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interferes with the souring process, so that fermentation of anotli
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afi"ection of the spinal system and defective reflex or diastaltic closure of the
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Some time ago a student who was under treatment for
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anasarca of the lower limbs then ensued, and the patient gra-
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placed by tympany, which extended well over on both
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be f«)und to contain a larger proportion of water than nature ever in-
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