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Hill, Charles Edwin, B.A., Yale, '76 Harvard, '7Q East Killingly.
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ployed in liberating formaldehyde vapors. For several years
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S3 feet), 9 or 10 meters wide, and 5 — 5.6 meters high
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cancer. The affinities of cancer are described first with re-
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of thyroid disease there was a hyperplasia with de-
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fresh feces. The eggs are nearly straight along one
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strained oatmeal or barley gruel made with milk, if the
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has had an opportunity of witnessing that officer's tact and organising
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cent., while he reports 22.5 per cent, of all patients cured. The
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excess in alcohol, or sudden mental emotion, may induce a seizure. It is
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cally opposed to that of Koch — that infection most frequently
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by cessation of the bad effects, if it be very desirable that the drug
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itoo ounces. Water nine ounces, Bubbing the affected joints carefully with
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ted or furnished by the same nervous filaments. — It was ob-
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excised the mucous membrane, that the disease recurred
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flask, for the best handicap score, presented by Dr John Duncan,
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The disease undoubtedly simulates anthrax in its anatomical
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In ulceration of the neck of the womb, hypochlorite of soda, by
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employed while the worms are in the alimentary canal. Hence, the impor-
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having a characteristic odor and a burning and sweetisb
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81 ; of childhood pathogenesis, 81 ; sciatic, 178 ;
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ceptation of the term, but that he recognizes in the book before us, the
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condition. Epi.staxis is common and sjanptomatic purpura not infre-
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of the neck, up under the angle of the inferior maxilla, fractured the superior
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3. The Need of Organized Effort in the Prevention of the Spread of
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William B. O'Bourke, formerly superintendent of Bellevue
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Nervous System. — The organism seems to have a selective action on the nervous
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Royal Institution, 3 p.m. Prof. Tyndall, "On Heat and Cold."
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in this way. He went to the business men who carried an advertise-
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mild cathartic, which will at the same time exert a tonic power, the
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vomiting and altering the state of the alimentary canal. Kheuraatic and gouty
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cates the existence of a bronchial dilatation, or an excavation in
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says that extreme dilatation of the heart is often difficult or
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to the increase in arterial tension which follows labour. Louge, whose con-