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gist who has performed about 6000 complete postmortem
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patient. In the cases in which I have opened such enormous cysts,
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same circumstances. Of course, the rule holds here as
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"The electric state of the atmosphere was not observed; but it is indicated by
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lenge of his opponent, as to the four distinctive characters. A vast num-
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"49 were accidents, of which 14 died, being 1 in 3^, 24 diseases, of which
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cholera, between September 17 and December 11, largely exceeded
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where, after passing the prescribed time in the diligent and zealous prosecution
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numerous abscesses formed, and the frequent dressing rendered it impossible lo
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the more serious effects of enlarged tonsils and adenoids
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so-called organic stimuli^ but iLso by a stimulus descending
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beings otherwise similarly circumstanced varies inversely as their
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aches and pains called "rheumatic" attend the attack.
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fluid of the cask in which the body had been transported. They therefore
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back of the stomach are involved in the malignant degen-
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wind from the African Desert. Another point favorable to Cannes
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voluntary motion is chiefly^affected ; whilst in hysteria the nerves on
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Hospital affected with inguinal aneurism. The ligature came away on the
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removal of the tumour by a ligature. Three ligatures were applied succes-
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guides who accompany travellers in their mountain ascents, and at
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but atrophy of cartilage, elongation of ligaments, or gradual
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and partial amaurosis, but without any pain. It seemed to have
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series or rows, and the contractile striated substance is deve*
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but communicate one with another ; so that a lobulet is a cluster
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cable period. As the first object was to so depress the projecting part, that
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the stove or furnace. All of these little delusions and
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without any heat P He attaches great diagnostic value to the forma-
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who bled him a small quantity. I saw him at eleven P. M., eight hours
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its subsequent transmissions. — Ed. Med. and Surg. Journ. from Bull. deCAcad.
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in the cold, being merely stirred; the other was boiled for ten minutes. On
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thin glass they cool too rapidly. They are inconvenient to use, as they
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The annual report of the Netherlands Ophthalmic Hospital
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were also waxy. The large intestine contained slight traces of old
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physical babit of thought most tenaciously holds its ground.
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rynx. The isthmus of the fauces is elongated and slightly retracted.
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scribed or sanctioned by a doctor. The patent authori-
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the summer 1.00 warmer; and that although the mean annual temperature of
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to the lips; they express themselves entirely free from the original difficulty.
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Theoperation being determined upon, no particular preparatory
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