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to wait for the Wassermann test to make myself sure that this man had

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casts. There is but little dulness on percussion as com-

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repair. I am of the opinion that the results which I have

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in a surface water would be looked upon with suspicion. But if the

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The meeting of 1858 was held at a time when very important matters

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more inclined to believe this, because a previous case of nephritis

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the lateral columns are involved has not occurred to me, dur-

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a male patient described by him in which the microscopical appearances of

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But when deafness is permanent it may cause loss or arrest of speech, so

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saw a case with an eruption and mottling which closely resembled

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On 26th of June, 1867, 1 could not detect any tumor in the abdomen. On

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packages of 100, available in trays ot 4 reverse-numbered boxes of 25,

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in order to give way to the gentlemen who are following me and have kindly

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encouragement from the history of the surgery of the

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nica and Ponce, and did not find :he plasmodium once —

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consiitntion; Hot as prevented from coagnlaling by the pecjiliar move-

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highly albuminous; the temperature decreasing from what it was

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must be complied with. The concept of “dangerous” is inadequate

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Hnrdy on Diseases of the SMn.-Br. R. j ^.^ses, cholera does not evince a contagious

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completes the first part of her narrative by tracing the history of medical teaching for women

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(3) The intercondyJar and midtiple fractures involving the joint,

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of giving to- the surgeon this entire control of the sick in

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bility of nutrient restoratives being given in excess at the first

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of a second and sometimes a third animal before any satisfactory evi-

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peared to be a large, hard, fibrous polyp, almost protruding

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regard to adulterations of food, we suspect they have always been dangerously preva-

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as a wave at a readily measurable velocity, which is slower the more

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a special significance in producing the varied forms of

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poses I prefer a simpler division. Clinically I meet

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It is pure nonsense to talk about the curative value of

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(7) ascribes the conjunctival hyperaemia to the retinal

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valerianic acid, or ornithine, which remains after the urea is split off,

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sion ; it is first seen on the chest, neck, and upper arms, from thence it

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you can to keep up a strong heart in the horse. In bad cases it is best

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day Avould therefore appear to be about 5 per cent. Although the