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London. It is announced that the Metropolitan Asylums
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ceeded in extracting them by givinn a little ether, using a tongue
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Beobachtungen, &c., 1861, recommends a salve of the
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sometimes extend through an inch or two of plasma, reaching from one
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Causes. It frequently arises from acute rheumatism,
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article on subarachnoidean injections of cocain for the purpose of doing
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(bacilli) are found, arranged in parallel rows or plaoed end to end. Their
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cities and villages the percentage of average attendance, based
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immune myocarditis. Heart Vess 1985; suppl 1 : 102-106
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I have had three under my inspection for several years,
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dation, with profuse polymorphonuclear exudation and fibrin forma-
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strength of nondivisional corps troops may approximate the
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placed to the left side. Below the region of compression
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" 5. It has an affinity for dense foliage, which has the power of accu-
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are strong upon this point. I prefer amputation at the
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Lessons from 50 Operations for Cancer of the Tongue.,
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• requires negotiation of new regulations with the profession before their announcement ; and
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The molecular concentration in the blood is mainly due to an accumulation
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much relief to be given by warm epithems that I have never had
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disease, kidney, liver, or brain disease, by malaria, by
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woodcuts, of which there is a great number, are uni-
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for it jetted up in a stream near the size of one's little fintrer. I
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Venesection ought to be resorted to in the following three con-
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delphia, Pa. ; J. T. Alley, M.D., St. Paul, Minn. ; S. P. Burdick, M.
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Neurology I. (Psychobiology). Prof. Smith and visiting lecturers. Lec-
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all types of decompressions practised either alone or added to a
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above outlined has been satisfactorily carried out by us for
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more so. A mere strainer soon clogs, its value is lessened ,^
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the pelvic region. It has been confounded with ovarian and flbroid tumors.
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east, extending itself to Passage, where it was severe, and the cases
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On opening the abdominal cavity it was found that the
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vix was dilated or dilatable, the cavity should be cleared out at
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Hutchison (to whom we are indebted for this note), an attack of
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the diphtheria bacilli in the culture-tube. The use of antiseptics (gargling, swabbing)
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Scotland; Frank L. Stephenson. England; Henry Applotou, Englaud.
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ness was gradually laterally decreasing, so that on De-
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called " coefficient " of child mortality has necessarily
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For the purpose of effecting this, it is often necessary to place the
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We have now 325 beds for convalescent heart patients where when
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too intent on alleviating the sufferings of others to give
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The proneness of the pupil to contract is sometimes remarkal^le.
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cine and School of Nursing, provide speakers to address
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of Private Psychiatric Hospitals; North Alabama Re-
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fourth of the time that this tumor would. I have seen a par-