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For further particulars see Medical Schools in Scotland, p, 320.
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is not always to be established with certainty. Many of them are true neu-
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preserved in the legs in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Disturbances in mic-
diclofenac sodium 50 mg obat untuk apa
Registration of students-at-large in the medical courses is subject to the approval
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of the power to the weight in each, centre of gravity, general laws of
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production of certificates and diplomas delivered by their universities,
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Edward John Tilt, M.D. Paris, 60, Grosvenor- street. W.
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conclusive. The pathologist cannot determine whether a given transverse
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The candidate for the Doctorate must produce : (1) Evidence of his
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let. He miLBt have entered to and paid in fnll the fees for all the leotores,
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xiatlon ; 4t, a certificate of his present circumstances of life. Candidates not
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the diagnosis of dementia precox. The distinction between dementia precox
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cine, Clinical and Operatiye Surgery, Hygiene, Forensic Medicine.
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nective tissue it is probable that some lesion precedes the deposit.
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51! f!L t ff wtraiely difficult. ^ n«»ar «iay fol}<^
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by the ingestion of these substances. The different cases vary in their rela-
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Students are not necessarily admitted even though their records meet the specific
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unable to recognize his surroundings, or to tell the day or the month. Often
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ondary meningitis do seem as if they were primary, because not infrequentl}''
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^tle of Officer of Health. Thirdly, foreign doctors or students
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is diclofenac better than ibuprofen for toothache
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Epstein Clinic for out-patients materially increases the clinical facilities.
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Europeans, East Indians, and natives. Candidates must present
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sume that one hemisphere is more affected than the other. Many cases of
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weeks, especially in cases where the Wassermann reaction remains positive.— K.]
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are conducted oraUy and by written papers, and are held in the winter.
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suffer under the same noxious influence as well as the pyramidal tract.
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raeoaMod a^ronriata corractiva m^%mm9* Satiafa«tory etsar^letlon conaiata of
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one case, developed into a localized gangrene. Gangrenous processes have been
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turbances are at first very slight, and there is no pain. Later, on careful exam-
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as is recognized by the sinking in of the interosseous spaces and the increasing
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be due to an immoderate sensitiveness to light. Unusually sharp hearing is
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are limited to the following subjects : First Class — Obligatory :
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oersdimc! fn ^ •ret, wsilmV ftm» fs ^ici^m fla mmm^' ffnee pt^le am
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the alkaloids of opium, such as morphin and codein, possess much less value
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delicate white skin, and superficial and abnormally distended cutaneous veins,
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be transient insensibility, or, on the other hand, the case may terminate fatally
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£10 10b. Second examination: If a member, £10 10s., besides stao&p
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(4) By Suspension, In this action, .insoluble particles are held In solution;
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or ten minutes a day, while we include one portion of the nerve after another
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be intact, it alone answers for the muscles on both sides. 1 In the distribution