Diovan And Cancer

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Embleton, M.D.; G. Y. Heath, M.B. ; Charles Gibson, M.D.; J. B.

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lished Surgical Cases and Observations va. London and Edin.

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white in colour, the pleura thickened and opaque, the parenchyma

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for Small-pox Patients. — 3. Vaccination Conferences. — 4. Tlie French

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The swelling consisted of the prolapsed uterus. It was reduced, and a

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diovan and cancer

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Sarcomata ha\-e a marked preference for the connective tissue.

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Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians ; Physician to Charing Cross Hospital ;

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Ascites, tuberculosis of intestine, liver, and spleen.

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tuberculosis, is capable of producing visceral granulations in the

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In by far the greatest number of cases exophthalmic goitre is a

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moved, and Mr. Watson (Lancaster) seconded, the following resolu-

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Clarke of Leicester, and Mr. Smith of Hay, Brecon, acknowledged

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yellowish masses, not a crowd of greyish granulations. But if any

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