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recognised as the body of a shipmaster, who disappeared from his vessel
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and delicate adjustment of each case. His treatment of this
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QUININE, Phospho-Muriate The Chas. H. PhiUips Chem. Co., N. Y. . . 14
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Within twenty-four hours the symptom had quite disappeared, and never re-
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ular; severe pain in the uterus, which was large and tender;
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nation of the other movements of the lower extremities."
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As regards hip-disease, persistent lameness in one leg should
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Egan suggested that the Secretary’s report be ac-
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sional red blood-cell was found in the centrifuged specimen.
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Alcohol may be helpful in patients who are exhausted and recover
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clear serum to thick gelatinous substance; others, again, contained
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means of studying the various vertigo effects of ear stimulation
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of Captain J. De Lacey Robinson, R.N., of 11 ... m 1 1 , , Hi-aunton.
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complete destruction of comparatively limited portions of the nervous substance.
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